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Home Décor: Creative Pillow Ideas for Kids’ Room – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

First of all let us talk about a twin bed. A twin bed will have only one sleep pillow and you might want to use a king size decorative pillow on top of it to just hide the sleep pillow and eliminate the fact that you will have several other pillows. Also keep in mind that with a younger child you do not want to have things that they might be able to swallow or hurt themselves with. So, safety is an issue for a child’s bedroom. The next step up, you might move into a full size bed. For example this is a full size bed and as a child’s bed, as a children’s bed you do not want to have a lot of pillows because they do not want to mess with them.

You can accessorize a child’s bedroom with pillows. There are lots of fun pillows out there like animal shaped pillows. There is also pillows that look like a pillow but they actually store their pajamas. Those are also fun and you can keep them on the bed during the day. You always know where there pajamas are if they are stuffed in the pillow. And they may not be something that you keep for their whole life, but it is certainly a nice little accent to have in a child’s bedroom when they are young. Sometimes children like to collect things. Like girls like to collect little stuffed animals and if you want you can have a little basket that has all the stuffed animals and put it in them put the stuffed animals in the basket and put it on the bed and that way in the evening when the child goes to sleep they can easily take it off. Or a teenage girl she might have some collectible dolls or something and likewise if you have it in a tray, a tray or a basket, you can remove it from the bed and put it on a bench.

Sometimes we empower our children by asking them what they think, but sometimes that can lead to a bigger problem than you anticipated. If you know your child you probably know what their favorite colors are and a bedroom is the place where they live so let them have their colors. Let them have some input into what they want, but you need to make the final decision. So, choose a nice pallet, bring in the colors that they like and play with those colors, play with their hobbies. Make it something that looks like they designed and definitely think about what they like and what they do not like. And those are my tips for picking pillows for a child’s room.

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