The Complete Guide to Tipping Your House Cleaners


Hiring a professional maid or cleaning services fort collins saves you the time and hassle of cleaning on your own. Housekeepers do the dirty chores that homeowners lack the time, energy, or desire to do themselves.

Hiring a house cleaning or professional maid service makes sure you come home to a clean environment. A busy professional gets a pristine home combined with less stress and more time in return for hiring a house cleaning fort collins.

A homeowner should be appreciative of their efforts and hard work and reward them with tips. However, most people do not have much knowledge in regards to tipping house cleaners.

Should You Tip House Cleaners?

There is confusion among homeowners; should they tip or not? Tipping has become a common phenomenon where an individual rewards people who serve him.

Most professional cleaning and maid services do not ask for additional rewards but that does not mean you should not pay any tip. Be appreciative of their hard work by tipping them.

How Much You Should Tip?

There is no tipping amount fixed for house cleaners, most homeowners pay $10 to $20 extra, once the work is done. As a sign of appreciation, an individual can pay tips at 15-20% of the rate of the salary or service charges. You can go a little higher if a homeowner has received exceptionally good services.


Decide Between Cash Tips and Other Rewards?

Wondering how should you tip cleaners? Cash tip or some other rewards. A cash tip is a great gesture to show gratitude and how appreciative you are of their services.

Some offer cash tips whereas others look for some other tokens of appreciation. If you are short on cash, opt for gift cards like a coffee shop, restaurant, or beauty salon gift cards.

Choose a gift of cleaner’s liking such as a personal gift, a bottle of wine, or a handmade gift.

When to Tip House Cleaners

It is up to you to tip house cleaners daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. The time to tip also varies depending on the type of services hired and the quality of work.

For recurring cleaning services, it is better to tip once a month, for the same housekeeper, an annual bonus would do.


Factors to Consider When Tipping House Cleaners

Following factors influence should you tip housekeeper, how, and how much.

  • Some companies do not integrate tipping in their policies and only charge for their services, whereas low-paying companies encourage homeowners to tip maids.
  • How well the house is cleaned, did they perform their assigned tasks on time? If yes, reflect gratitude in the form of a tip.
  • For acquiring urgent services, provide financial compensation as a gesture of appreciation.

Putting it all together, it is no right or wrong to tip or not to tip, it’s just cultural norms are shifting now thanking housekeepers and people who serve us with additional rewards are appreciated. Besides cash tips, a handwritten Thank you note would be an inexpensive way of showing gratitude. There is no need to add a tip to the bill if you were not satisfied with the services provided.

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