Cremation Garden Tips And Ideas To Honor And Remember A Loved One


Losing a loved one is one of the saddest experiences that anyone goes through. Nothing can make up for losing the person you love, but some things make you feel closer to them, and this makes the pain of losing them a little more tolerable. Having a cremation garden is one of the best ways to keep the memory of our loved ones, who parted, alive forever.

Since the cremation garden is all about those loved ones who passed, the place needs to honor their memory, which means that it needs to say a lot about this person. We bring you here some handy tips and ideas to keep a part of the loved one you lost always with you.

Plant a Tree that Has a Special Meaning

As gorgeous as trees are, many of them have special meanings and symbols they represent. Choosing a tree that symbolizes their character or represents something they love is one of the best ways to keep part of them growing in the garden. You can also plant their favorite tree if they have one. Some people plant a weeping willow tree. Besides its breathtaking look with its thick branches with leaves growing towards the ground, they look like they’re weeping, so they can mirror your grief for losing the person so dear to you. It’s both sad and beautiful, as it’s like keeping them forever in your heart and showing how much you miss them through the tree.

Put Their Ashes in the Perfect Urn

Keeping your loved one’s ashes is a charmingly sentimental way to keep them always with you. Since these ashes are one of the most valuable belongings, you need to find the perfect container to keep them in. Keeping the ashes of the people you lost in the perfect memorial urns and placing them in a special place in the garden is one of the best ways to honor their life and memory. You can engrave their name on the urn and maybe write a quote that they love, or write them a special message from you.

Hang Their Pictures

What’s more personal than pictures? Hanging their favorite pictures of them, their friends, places they visited and loved, places they wanted to visit, the list is endless. Pictures are a wonderful way to honor the memory of your loved ones. You know what the pictures mean to you and to them, so choose the ones that have special meaning to them and you make the memories you both hold dear always present and remembered.

Build Something they Relate to

If they have a certain sign or symbol that means something to them, you can engrave it on a stone or make a statue out of it. You can also make a statue of them or their favorite animal. Another amazing option is to build a water fountain in their honor with their name engraved on it, or a lovely bench under or beside a tree, having something special to them engraved. It could be a picture, a symbol, their name, or a quote.

Hang Lanterns in Their Honor

Lanterns have many symbolic meanings in different cultures, and one of the most significant ways they’re used is to light up the way for the souls of the departed so they can come visit any time. Some believe their souls visit on New Year’s, and other cultures have different beliefs, but what no one disagrees with is that they look absolutely stunning. It can be a charming touch to hang lanterns on a tree, or the tree you planted especially for the dear person who passed, as a way to keep their way always bright and to create a warm, perfect way to keep their memory alive and shining always.

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Plant Their Favorite Flowers

Not everyone has a favorite flower, but if the person who passed has a favorite, plant that particular flower as a tribute to their life and memories. If they don’t have any favorite flowers, you can plant those that you believe reflect their beautiful spirits. Another option is to plant the flowers of their favorite color.

Grieving the loss of a loved one is one of the most painful things anyone has to go through, but doing something for both you and them to make you feel that they’re always there is the perfect way to remind yourself that they’ll always be with you no matter what happens. Part of them will always be alive in you, so having a garden in their honor extends their presence to reach more people and stay in touch with the world in a different way.

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