5 Furniture Pieces For Your Studio Flat


Most vertical residences have limited square footage. People living in these housing types often make use of vertical storage and foldable furniture pieces to keep their units tidy and somewhat spacious. However, it can be challenging to maintain elbow room in smaller homes, especially if you want to add furniture pieces that elevate your living space and work-from-home environment.

Thankfully, modular furniture pieces are now available for those who want style without compromising space in their condo or apartment units. Here are five furniture pieces you should consider adding to your flat:

Pedestal Table

These may look like typical tables, but their slim pedestal folds and tucks for more accessible storage. Pedestal tables are flexible and suitable as work desks and dining tables. Their narrow pillars also give space for chairs to slide in nicely.

Pedestal tables can be square or round; if you have toddlers or younger children, choose the round one. They don’t have edges and harsh corners that may injure your little ones.

Tatami Chair and Low-legged Table 

Traditional tatamis are made of woven fibers and have no backrest. They’re common in Japanese-style rooms, often used with low-legged tea tables. 

Recreate the minimalist look of most Japanese homes by using a tatami chair and a low-legged table in your workstation. The “shortness” of your tatami chair and table will enhance the illusion of higher ceilings in your flat. They also make moving furniture around easier.

Those who live in an apartment for rent in Mandaluyong may use these Japanese-style furniture pieces to pursue their ideal zen-inspired space.

Furniture 5

Pouf Seating

Ditch the couches and club seats and get pouf seating for your living room. They come in different styles, such as rustic burlaps, Moroccan-style, and woven rope, making them suitable for other apartment interior designs. 

Besides being smaller and more portable than typical couches, pouf seats are also flexible. They’re perfect as footstools, side tables, and backless seats that help you with your posture.

Mini Parsons Desk

Parsons desks are practical yet straightforward furniture pieces that minimalist and Scandinavian-style homes must have. Their simple design establishes a home environment that promotes functionality, productivity, and modernity.

Typical Parsons desks are as big as dining tables. For small flats, mini Parsons desks are the solution. Their smaller size makes them fit in the corners of your bedroom, living area, or dining room.

Your future Parsons desk is also versatile. During the day, use it as your work desk and at night, use it as your dining table. Use your Parson’s table to hold snacks, drinks, and party dishes on the weekends or holidays.

Multipurpose Coffee Table

Coffee tables are perhaps a staple of the modern home and are statement pieces integral to work and togetherness. These tables vary in size, although they take a huge portion of your living room space. Go for a multipurpose coffee table to bring versatile furniture pieces into your flat.

Modular coffee tables usually have hidden storage compartments where you can store books, indoor slippers, pet items, and memorabilia. Some may also come with seats that you can take out for when guests arrive.

Small spaces bring out the creativity and resourcefulness in you. With the help of modular furniture pieces such as these five, you’ll style your flat while giving enough elbow room for you to breathe and move.

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